Sunday, April 7, 2013

Comfort Zone

Today I tried something new … something outside my comfort zone. I did push mower maintenance.

I know. It’s not rocket surgery or even brain science, but I taught myself to change the oil, the blade and the spark plug. The air filter was changed too, but I learned that 20 years ago. I took pieces off, went to my local hardware store, picked out replacements and had a trained professional confirm that I had the right stuff. I went home, put pieces back on, primed the hell out of it and IT STARTED.
The rumors that I did fist-pumps in the air while doing a “Snoopy dance” are greatly exaggerated. Maybe.
Observation 1. So that’s what clean oil looks like. I couldn’t even see it on the dip stick.
Observation 2. Well that explains why I had to overlap my rows so much last year.
Observation 3. Wow. It even smells different while running when it’s got clean parts.
Observation 4. Next up – the riding mower. Be afraid. Be very afraid.


  1. Looks like you mowed a few rocks with that blade.

  2. Now take a torch and pound that blade into a sword.

    1. Blink,...blink. Have a forge....and a friend who wants to make knives. Beats the car spring steel idea.

  3. My to-do list includes such things...

  4. Ummm, yeah looking at the blade, it was 'due' to put it mildly! :-) Good for you!!!

  5. Holy crap.

    With that blade, I'm surprised it hadn't rattled itself apart.

    P.S. - You are now qualified to soup up the riding mower. I got $10 says you can get it up to 25 mph.

  6. In my family the "push mower" required lots of "push" in order to spin the reel:

    That's why we kids preferred the gas-mower. It had parts like your push mower...

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  8. Good for you, but no putting Purple Horny Headers on the riding mower.

  9. Did this myself this weekend (minus the blade swap, though I did sharpen mine). Its always nice to have a skill in your wheel house.

  10. had a neighbor who taught us...just change the blade in spring.