Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Check up

Today was my six month check-up at the doctor to monitor my hypertension. While waiting, I studiously tried to ignore the CNN health channel that was playing in the waiting room. I was sewing the growth tucks back in SD’s gown where she had pulled them out last weekend when I hear “Warfarin”.

Rat poison??
I looked up, and the actors were discussing the Warfarin the elderly-ish father is taking. Aha. A blood thinner.  Fine. Whatever. Back to sewing when …

The next segment was about the dangers of sugar. They actually called it a “poison”.  I gritted my teeth, shrugged at the irony and kept sewing. It just underscored what we tell SD … the difference between medicine and poison is the dose.
The next segment? It featured Gabby Giffords.

Then they had a “chef” who took unhealthy recipes and made them unrecognizable  but healthy.  What did she do besides ruin a perfectly good fish chowder recipe?
She pronounced every single syllable in “Worcestershire Sauce”.

I’m surprised the doctor didn’t  end up doubling my Rx.


  1. Eh, eggs w/butter for b'fast, bacon if available.
    We'll all die sooner or later...
    I'm going with the bacon.

  2. Eggs without butter, I would sooner die later :)
    A Woodsrunner's Diary.

  3. Every syllable in Wooster sauce? Sheesh, what a nimrod!

  4. BACON!... oh... sorry... :-) Got distracted there! You probably got the same spiel I did- You need to find a job with less stress, yada, yada. My response- Find me one that pays as well as this one and I'll take it in a heartbeat!