Monday, May 7, 2012

Kid Shoot

As in kids shooting, not shooting kids.

At the NoVA get-together in Stafford at the end of April, the topic of “Take your Daughter to the Range Day” came up. To sum up a long, convoluted conversation, the following were observed …

Some ranges have an age limit due to insurance regulations, and so young kids can’t shoot.

Getting kids started with a pellet gun means you don’t have to wear hearing protection, and so instruction is easier.

An adult can grab the barrel of a pellet gun (or pellet pistol) to maintain muzzle control without worrying about injury.

Targets can be hung at a more appropriate height and distance, and they can be reactive.

Pellet guns, with a proper backstop can be shot in the backyard.

There was more, but you get the idea ...

So, is anybody interested in a Kid Shoot? The date that was kicked around was the first weekend in June (plan on Saturday, rain date for Sunday). Michael W. (retired LEO and firearms instructor) said he’d come up and lend a hand, and JB Miller has a couple of pellet guns and found a really cool target. Sweet Daugter even volunteered to share her purple pistol.
Sweet Daughter, age 4, first time shooting

I could host it here* -- there’s a place to set up in the shade, a swing-set, and BrokenAndy volunteered to bring an inflatable bouncy thing so the kids have something to do in between turns shooting because I’m not anticipating long attention spans.  Frequent changes in activity, yes-- sort of like squirrels on meth. We could wrap up with the adults taking a turn or two, and throwing stuff on the grill.  I’m sure that if this is successful, there will be other ones planned before the summer is over.

I’m open to suggestions – let me know if you might be interested in coming (with or without kids) at

*I’m about a half hour from Fredericksburg, VA, about an hour from the north side of Richmond, and about 45 minutes from Waldorf, MD.


  1. Damn, I would love to come and bring BabyGirl G. with me, but it's a bit of a hike and we'll still have baseball/softball going on... :(

  2. A purple pistol. Hmmm... My little girl is gonna be jealous of that.

  3. If I am not working that weekend, I would love to come with my kiddos.

  4. I'd come help, but I'm out of town that weekend; having said that, it's a great idea, and thanks for being willing to host!

  5. Andy -- Krylon Fusion paint for plastics.

    Everyone else ... I bet we end up doing more.

  6. Sigh! Sounds like Fun. But it's way out of my neighborhood. Oh, FYI: Stop putting the Cans in the Recycling Bin for awhile. Let the kids know what it was like back in the Olde Dayz to go to the Quarry or the Dump and do some Plinking.

  7. Les, that's not a bad idea. Nancy, I can start saving used soda cans if that works for you.

  8. JB - YAY!

    Andy: Please bring cans. I have an idea to make them into a reactive target.

    I figure we can also do balloons, and sugar wafers, or something. We'll experiment so we can apply what we know to the next one!

  9. Hang the cans from a string and they jump and sway when hit.

    I want to jump in and say I'll be there to help cook or something (you know my kids are all grown) but early June is going to be tough to call with work.

    I'll get back to you when the date gets a little closer.

  10. Andy - please save cans.

    MSgt B: I've got the string/can idea in my head - will be looking for materials today. If you can make it, GREAT. If not, I have a feeling will be doing more this summer, and there's a location very close by where we can safely shoot .22's.