Friday, April 30, 2010

Things to work on before school starts

Sweet Daughter is currently watching “Donald in Mathmagic Land” for the second time tonight. Yes, the one from 1959. She’s throwing out the names for shapes. Triangle? Check. Square? Check. Rectangle? Check. Pexagon? Close. But we’re really going to have to work on that 6-sided shape. I can’t expect a teacher to not say something when SD starts talking about sexagons.


  1. I love that show! I watched it several times throughout my grade school years.

    I don't understand who chose what to call shapes and numbers. You have a Hexagon with six sides, but Sextuplets if there are six babies? I can see where your daughter is coming from, here.

  2. I remember that in 4th grade. I did not realize it was still around. I may get a copy for my class. (teach science)