Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm not dead.

I’m not just resting, either. Lots of projects going on to prepare for our first big living history event of the season. I’ve been doing lots of sewing … so much so (hahahah) that repeatedly pushing the needle through the fabric and into my finger has given me a tattoo of sorts. And a heck of a callous.

The closest think to a tattoo that I'll ever have.

This next event is very hands-on for the public, so I picked up a coffee grinder that had an 18th-century look to it. It also looked like the bicentennial threw up on it, but I figured I could always repaint it as a last resort. It’s not an original, but then, I won’t have aneurysm if someone drops it.
Before - with a stunning color scheme.

I think it cleaned up rather well – much better than I had hoped. The stain color was achieved by mixing together about 3 different sample packets I had. It kind of looks like cherry.

More posts next week - including what happens when you run an 18th century bayonet through a shirt and into a pot roast. Try to contain your excitement.


  1. I should have said "bayonets". British and Spanish reproduction bayonets went stabbity stabbity. We shot a couple of lead balls through the pot roast, too.

  2. I tried to leave a comment last night, but my internet crapped out just as I pushed the post button. I'll try to recreate it...


    I am traveling out east (around Philadelphia) for spring break, and am reading Monster Hunter International again. I just got to the part where Owen gets Abomination (a souped up fully auto Saiga 12 Gauge with a grenade launcher and a pop-out bayonet), so I am very much excited to hear about bayonets!

  3. Why Sir, We will give them the Bayonet........

    Thomas J "Stonewall" Jackson
    1st Bull Run 1861