Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When I was in grade school, I was absolutely besotted with horses. I spent a year earning money to take a set of riding lessons. $100 for 10 lessons - this was about 35 years ago, and that was a lot of money. I managed to wrangle a job at that stable, working one afternoon/evening after school and one Sunday each week (totalling about 13 hours) in exchange for a one hour lesson.

Foxhunting was something I never had the opportunity to try. While I loved horses, I was clearly not of the "horsey set", if you know what I mean. And while I've always thought foxhunting was one of those wonderful traditons found in Virginia, I may have to agree the with following e-mail I received, and work to ban foxhunting .

WARNING - Graphic photo below the jump!

Please help ban fox hunting in Virginia!!

THIS MADNESS MUST STOP!! see below....
I just want to know where he got the rifle. I bet he's not 18, and I'd like to see those two forms of ID. Must be that Virginia gun show loophole they keep talking about.


  1. I got several of my friends with that one. Most of them told me afterward that they didn't even want to read it at first because of the title, and only went ahead because it was from me.

  2. The picture made *me* laugh out loud!

  3. Came here via Tam. You might like this fox picture.

    Like yours, the one I posted on my blog is almost too terrible for the internets.