Saturday, August 9, 2014

What to do with your Basement

I have a copy of the 1934 booklet put out by the Public Service Company of Northern Illinois, titled "Your Basement  What to do with it .... How to do it"

"The Jazz Age is past and American Home is coming into its own again, as the scene of a more wholesome, closely knit family life. Surest is the question that children and parents alike are asking, "How in the world can we find space for all the home parties, home hobbies, home pleasures that we want to enjoy?"

Seventeen different suggestions are given, but the one that caught my eye first was this one:

Theatre and Pistol Range

Click to embiggenate any of these ...

" ... archery practice, pistol shooting and the presentation of home movie shows."


The construction of the back wall is interesting.

Sorry about the quality of the images. If there is interest, I can try to get scans.


  1. Nice, I love old publications. Pity that basements down here are just figments of our imaginations.

  2. Yep, I knew folks that grew up shooting .22s in their basements. So that was a pretty popular pastime/setup! :-)

    1. way I heard it, you grew up shooting flintlocks in ye olde basement. :-D

  3. Never did try the shooting in the basement but I once crawled under a porch and took out the annoying neighbor's kid remote control car with a Sonic Blaster.

  4. Shoot or show movies. Not a combination one thinks about...

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  6. Interested in better images of this book, possibly purchase if price right.