Thursday, August 21, 2014


So, instead of dusting baseboards and washing dishes the other night, I decided to do this.

Sweet Daughter had a pair of outgrown jeans that couldn't just be sent off to Goodwill. Oh, no. They had a cat on them and so must be kept forever. So I cut off the bottom of the leg, and added one of the pockets to the back. Then I added a rectangle to the inside to form the bottom of the purse, and another rectangle with a zipper down the middle for the top. Made a shoulder strap out of the scraps ... and

Then the topic of Halloween came up. She's picked her character and outfit.

In order to justify this sort of effort, she's going to have to wear it more than once, which means a trip to the Renaissance Festival. Which means I've got to make something for me, as well, and how did this spiral out of control so quickly, anyway?


  1. Ummm... Because you're you??? :-) And you enjoy it??? :-D

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