Monday, July 28, 2014

Water, water everywhere ...

Last February I found a very nice note of my front door from my county meter reader telling me there was a leak on my side of the meter. Called a plumber, got it fixed and went on my merry way.

Until this morning when Sweet Daughter and I were headed out the door at 8:00.

I dashed up to where the water meter is, kicked off my black heels, pulled the cover and saw more water gushing out than last February. Still in my office clothes, I grabbed a bucket and started bailing. Now, in February, the meter reader explained that he was supposed to tell me that we are not supposed to use our own meter key to shut off the water. So let's just say I managed to stop the numbers on my meter from moving. I took SD to day camp, came back and there was more water than before. So, I called the county and informed them of the leak and that it sounded like it was on their side of the meter ... since I had my side repaired in February.

According to a neighbor, they send somebody out at 10:00 and they did ... nothing.

All that water coming down the driveway? It empties into the back yard. Which is now a swamp. And it's continuing to flow faster and time goes on. SD and I dug a trench when we got home to sort of direct the flow a bit.


You can't really tell, but the water is coming out faster than if I had a garden hose on at full blast.

I'll be calling the county when their office opens in the morning. And frequently thereafter, I'm thinking.


  1. Gah! Best of luck to you and SD. If the meter is not spinning after shutoff its on them. Document everything.

  2. Could be worse. Could be the sewer.