Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The worst part ...

... about a massive sewing project with a deadline and then a weekend away, is that I come back to a house that looks like it threw up on itself. I'm starting to get things sorted and put away, but the sewing room is going to be a weekend project in and of itself anyway. For now, I'll settle for "grouping like things together in the same heap".

Sweet Daughter is looking forward to helping me organize the sewing room. She's good a sorting things into boxes, and if nothing else, she'll see how to tackle a project of this size. This may inspire her to work on her bedroom. I'll make a deal with her ... if she helps me with the sewing room, I'll help her with her bedroom.

Hopefully we'll uncover enough area in the sewing room to put out the cheapo sewing machine I got in trade for doing some sewing for a guy at work. There was a Commodore 64 at a yard sale that he wanted, but they wouldn't let him have it unless he took the sewing machine as well. It will be a good one for SD to learn on and if it gets hosed, no great loss.

Tonight, I'm staring at a few uncluttered surfaces (too few), and also at a glass of wine that has to be the worst stuff I've ever had. Research has begun on making vinegar at home. We'll see how that goes.


  1. A Commodore 64? As in the computer? Yeesh.

    And I don't know why you call yourself "Excels at Nothing". Seems like you do a darn good job sewing pretty spectacular stuff!

  2. I feel your Pain. THE Wife is heading out to Colorado tomorrow for a Family Function on her side, and I've been Ordered to get the Craft Room straightened out before she come back on Monday.

    And my Dogs aren't that good at sorting and packing stuff, either. Good Luck!

  3. Getting her started young will be good! Fixing rather than throwing away is WORTH the time and effort...