Monday, December 3, 2012

One of these things ...

… is not like the other.

In lieu of actual content, I’ve held all of these paying jobs except one. You get to guess which one.

* Wrote personalized sweepstakes copy for a mail-order catalog company.

* Cocktail waitress in a college bar.

* Mapped and transcribed county cemeteries.

* Sold hats out of trunks at home parties.

* Costumed walking tour guide in a capital city.

* Cartographer: made analog maps for cruise missiles.

* Worked retail in a well-known fabric store.

* Nightclub disc jockey in the days of vinyl.

* Provided admin support for an industry association which developed a set of audio algorithms.

* Managed a handful of historic properties.


  1. I'm going to guess 'sold hats out of trunks'...

  2. I'm going with property management. You're not evil enough to do that.

  3. My guess is the cartographer job.

  4. I can't see you as a cocktail waitress...

  5. I'd have to say Cocktail Waitress...just because that's the most "common" thing up there.

    Another "common" one would be retail at the fabric store, but given your propensity to sewing things, I'd say that one's pretty likely.

  6. I'll have to go with the Cocktail Waitress as well.

  7. Nope - she did the waitress thing per her 'first car' post and I seem to remember an outstanding property in a post too. She knows her tunes. The 'cruise missile' is too outlandish to not be true; she certainly writes well enough to do that professionally and his computer savvy enough to be a support person. She loves history and sewing/costumes, so those are naturals too...
    So, when do we get to find out?!?