Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shooting with Sweet Daughter

Sweet Daughter finally got a chance to fire her birthday present today. She hasn't done any shooting in months, but it was time to try out her new .22.

Her first target selection was the Big Bad Wolf. Shorter Half instructed her on the basics and she was good to go.

[Video to come if it will EVER load ... UPDATED - Video on following post.]

The bi-pod made all the difference for this new shooter. SD was able to hit what she was aiming at. The wolf target took a beating.

Then we set her loose on some reactive targets. See the orange spinning target? She hit the diamond on her first try. Here is an action shot of the the target in mid spin. Really.

By this point, she's loading and cocking the rifle herself.

She's ready for something different.
She loves the targets that change color. So while Shorter Half did some pistol work, she selected anew target and we girls did some bonding with the help of an EPR*. I didn't worry about her technique, I just made sure she stayed safe, followed the four rules, and had fun.

I think we were successful. This reaction was a result of this target.
Seven shots from the prone position. Six on paper. Rifle not yet zeroed. I'd take that any day of the week.

*Evil Pink Rifle


  1. SD, I think you're the neatest kid ever and a really great shot! Good work, gunchick!!

  2. Excellent!!! And we can all see where she gets her cuteness from. May you have many, many years of shooting together.

  3. I love that smile! Looks like y'all had the time of your lives.

  4. Very nice, and giving her the chance to shoot steel WILL get her hooked :-)

  5. Great job SD! We're ALL proud of you!

    BTW, Mr. & Mrs. trainers, SD has a great prone position; after a couple years she could be the youngest Appleseed patch holder of ever.

    Great pic of SD hoofin' off into the woods w/ the pack & EPR.

  6. DT - The prone position was pretty much her own doing. SH told her the basics, and tried to refine her position a bit, but she wasn't having it. She insisted on doing it her way. The biggest problem is that she isn't tucking the butt of the rifle into her shoulder. I figure that will be self-correcting the first time she shoots something with a little more kick.

  7. Looks like she might need some kidlet-sized safety glasses.

  8. She's got kid-sized safety glasses, but the part that goes over her ears got smashed against her head when she put the hearing protection on over them. Tipping the ear pieces up over the muffs meant the bridge dug into her nose. The oversized ones were a temporary solution until we can something that works better.

  9. I'm in Delaware and I'm pretty sure I can hear Sarah Brady crying.


  10. That's awesome! Wish I could get my daughter out shooting like that. She has no interest, though she does want me to take her to the gun store and a gun show.

  11. Yeah! Another Sniper is Born! Now she can Take the High Ground and Hold It against the Zombie Hoards in a few years!

    Oooh, just hit me: do they make Pink Suppressors?

  12. I so want to teach the nephew and niece to shoot, but the sister-in-law isn't convinced it's a good idea. Yet. I'll have my brother gently work on her about it.

  13. That is so cool! Keep having safe fun.

  14. Its great to see a new up and coming fellow gun lover.She looks like she had a good time.

  15. Very cool. If I ever have a daughter you can guarantee that she will be shooting around the same age.

    Les - you can always Duracoat the suppressor and make it pink :)