Friday, August 26, 2011


In lieu of actual content while we wait for Irene to show up, I present one of the more interesting searches that have shown up in my tiny little corner of the internet:

I mean wouldn't a "milf dog" be a contradiction in terms?


  1. Um... NOT EVEN going to say anything :-) Y'all stay safe down there...

  2. You, too, Old NFO. We've got water, canned goods, puzzles, good neighbors, books, candle lanterns, rum, lead, "crafts" and over 1000 round of pellet gun ammo if we want to do a little target practice once the rain lets up.

  3. I'd go w/the former... no, wait... what NFO said.

    But then again, we're all gonna die in this EVIL MONSTER of a

    You, SD, & SH stay safe.

  4. Hope your Neighbors are really Good. I figure about Tuesday or Wednesday, the "Free S@*T Crowd" (H/T Newbius) will be Panicking because their Free Cheese Shipment hasn't made it through the Flooded Roadways, and they didn't spend their "Obama Money" Stocking Up, even though the EarthQuake should have told them to "Wake Up! Get Prepared!"