Thursday, June 19, 2014

Movie night

Sweet Daughter and I were watching Moulan tonight, and SD was having a very difficult time wrapping her head around a different time and culture that didn't value intelligent women.

"Why does somebody else choose her husband? Why is she wearing that white make-up? Why weren't women allowed to be in the army? Why are they going to execute her when she's such a good soldier? Why don't they use common sense?"

Righteously indignant didn't even begin to cover it.

And unfortunately, I had to tell her that common sense was still in awfully short supply, even today.


  1. I suppose that it beats a Lindsay Lohan movie. Kudos to you for making the quality time. She'll remember moments like that.

  2. Good for her (for questioning) and you (for being truthful)... And sadly you're right...