Friday, September 13, 2013

DC area blog shoot ... Saturday

Y'all need to come to this event.

Which has been relocated here.

Because, besides all the great people and cool guns? I'm bringing this:

Last night, Sweet Daughter helped me make 50 of these:

To my knowledge, this piece has never been fired. And I made the most redneck lindstock EVER. Come watch me set my hair on fire, or something. And just in case it turns out to be a giant ball of suck and fail due to my incompetence, I made chocolate cupcakes.


  1. Those are some SERIOUS blunts you rolled there ma'am.

  2. Gonna show my ignorance and admit that I'm not real clear on what you made there, but if I were anywhere near, I'd be there for the cupcakes! [and to stand by with a bucket of water just in case your hair began to smolder...]

  3. Wish I could make it, y'all have fun!

  4. Wish I could make it, y'all have fun!

  5. Have a wonderful times. Cupcakes are always win, no matter what else blows up (or doesn't).

  6. The cupcakes were great...oh, wait!

    But that pipe-on-a-stick did shoot, folks. Honest!

  7. Oh that thing was grins and giggles! Whoosh boom!