Sunday, May 5, 2013

A couple of notes from the weekend

I’m back home, mostly all in one piece. My ankles have taken to ballooning up to three time their regular size in the evenings. I’m hoping this is a result of many miles on hard floors and will rectify itself in short order.

I met a bunch of new totally fantastic people, and got reacquainted with old friends.
If, in Texas, you ask if a food item is spicy and they say “no”, consider the fact that they are outright lying or have differently calibrated taste buds. Or both.

I learned a new way to eat raw oysters … on a cracker with cocktail sauce. The preferred way ‘round here is to slurp them down with cocktail sauce (if you want to get fancy, put it in a shot glass) and follow with a shot of beer.
Of the 70,000 to 100,000 people that were at the convention this weekend, I didn’t run into a single rude person. And with that many people in one space, there will be collisions. Everyone I ran into was unfailingly polite.

I got to ride in a car with JayG while he dealt with Houston rush hour traffic, a GPS that would spontaneously turn itself off, a cell phone that kept beeping at him for no good reason, and a loud rattle coming from the back end of the car. It was almost poetic listening to his commentary switch from one irritant to the next without missing a beat.
Breda gave me my first ever manicure. Purple sparkle rainbow polish.
My favorite vendor quote of the weekend: “You know when you’re in a firefight, and you run your gun dry and the slide locks back and you don’t notice …?”

Sorry, dude. No frame of reference. I try really hard to avoid firefights.


  1. Glad youre home and had a nice time apparently.
    Taste buds are definitely calibrated differently in this end of the world. And oysters?!? yep - had to be in Houston, or Dallas... :)

  2. The ankle thing is from all the extra salt you've been getting on the road.
    I get it when I'm traveling and eating out all the time.

    (A-G-E has nothing to do with it...)

  3. Jay's driving is simultaneously terrifying and hilarious.


    1. Oh pshaw. I kept most of the wheels on the ground...

  4. I talked with that vendor too. Nice guy, and a well-made product...but I don't know how useful it really is.

    So much fun hanging out with with. My legs are crazy sore too!

  5. Great to see you again! And yes there WERE some 'strange' comments/digressions... LOL

  6. Don't forget extra horseradish in the cocktail sauce.

    It was great meeting you!

  7. Yes, horseradish. Yum.

    It was so much fun. Can't believe we left Houston less than a week ago. I was thrilled to meet you. And you're such a badass with a claymore. Even Thor agrees.

  8. Great time and it was so nice to see so many people again.

    I know I'm commenting late, but if your ankles aren't back to normal by now you need to see your doctor.

    I'll disagree a bit with MSgtB. While it might not be age related, it also isn't normal.

  9. Thanks for your concern ... but they continued to improve after I got home. It was really odd though. Never seen anything like it. And they're better now.

  10. Not to play doctor or anything, but you might want to run that by your primary care doctor.