Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photo of the habit.

I was fortunate to have run into Richard Nadeau (a real photographer!) at Colonial Williamsburg. He was kind enough to take some photos of me in my riding habit. He is in the middle of a major move, but took the time to dig out a computer so he could email me this.

Thanks again, Richard, and if you're reading this, I hope to see you in Williamsburg again next year!



  1. Purty! ;-) But unless that is a split skirt, riding could be 'interesting'... :-) Oh, wait a minute, that's probably for side-saddle, right?

  2. Very well done! That's quite a talent you have.

  3. That is absolutely amazing. I wish I had that talent.

  4. Excels at nothing, my ass.

    I bet that turned some heads in Williamsburg!

  5. Ha, I like what Alan up above said. True story I think.
    I'll tell you again, it's "uber-ly" beautiful!
    SD's Brave gown turned out way nice. Don't ya kinda feel sorry for all the kids who wear chinky store costumes?
    ( maybe I should repent for that comment...) :-)
    Have a good one

  6. That is entirely beyond being a costume.

  7. OK, the clothing absolutely rocks!

    But the note is just to let you know you are in our prayers as you may be in Sandy's path.

    JayG is OK, talked to him tonight and they're 10 miles inland and uphill. Ambulance Driver is bunking at Old NFO's and bloggy folks in PA are signing up for "hunkering 101" but all is well and I've talked with all of them.

    Stay safe.

  8. Remember folks, it's a habit, not a hobbit.