Saturday, September 15, 2012

Guess who I met?

I heard that Larry Corriea was going to be at Ft. Belvoir signing books today. None of my other hoplorati friends from the area could commit to going, so Sweet Daughter and I made plans to make the trip ourselves. I planned carefully – I called to make sure a civilian could get in, I programmed my Garmin, printed out back-up directions and chose my outfit carefully.  Yes. When one is meeting a New York Times best-selling author, one wants to make an impression. You know where this is going, don’t you?
I wore the werewolf shoes.
We got at the PX right at noon, and we went in. Yes, I wore the almost 6” werewolf shoes at an army post PX at lunchtime. (My inner introvert is still hiding in the closest, angsting “Why? Oh whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?”) I recognized Larry right away – and who was standing there but MsgtB who said something along the lines of “It’s Nancy.”  
Okay. So he is that tall.
And Larry Freakin’ Corriea stood up, shook my hand and called me by name.  Larry Freakin’ Correia knew who I was – or at least remembered my name from Monster Hunter Alpha where I was red-shirted but didn’t die.  You know all the nice things people say about Larry? They’re not exaggerating. And it’s clear that he adores his family. He showed us pictures and shared stories. He signed books, he signed a red shirt for me, he took dozens of pictures. He even signed this.

This is MsgtB’s hoplorati hat. I know that I’ll catch hell for outing him as a thoughtful and decent guy, but he had Larry sign his hat for me, as he didn’t know if I’d be able to make it  to the signing or not. Damned nice of him, even if he did mention in the very same breath that I be handing over my hoplorati  hat to him in exchange.

Sweet Daughter hung out while we adults bored her nigh unto distraction, but she was very well behaved. Larry even commented on it and mentioned that his 7-year-old would have been setting things on fire by this point. I have to admit, I was very conflicted. On one hand, I was quite proud of how SD was behaving. On the other, I had a brief moment of self-doubt as a parent. SD wasn’t setting things on fire. Was I doing something wrong? Was I neglecting her education in some way? I think this will make up for it.


  1. And an awesome time was had by all at the Belvoir PX. The shoes DID look good (tell the introvert to get over it), and SD was a model young lady in the midst of strangers.

  2. Some people have all the fun.

  3. It was nice meeting you, azmrmacs. I hope SD passed your 4 Rules quiz.

  4. SD did very good on the 4 rules. Great to meet you as well!
    Larry is a great guy! Hard to believe he's a NYT Top Author, he's so down-to-earth.
    Can't wait to hear what happened to OldNFO...

    1. Hmm, SD, with her obviously large hat size, her attention to The Rulez, and her precociously precise loquaciousness, might be a kindred soul to me and such folks as resemble me. Does she have the extra-flexy joints, too? She might be One Of Us.

      That is cool; the World needs more Aspie Chix, IMHO.

    2. P.s. Most 'specially if they are Good Shots. I believe you have told us that she is a Good Shot.

  5. who said something along the lines of “It’s Nancy.”


    Thanks for not printing what I actually said!

    The werewolf shoes were perfect.

  6. How very cool. You guys are making very good use of those hats.

    Hope to see you and SD at one of the blogmeets coming up.

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  9. Sorry about that. . LONG day.

    I would actually put on heels again to wear those.

    I'd be six foot and then some in those.

    But what I'm really envious of, is you got to him HIM!!

    Way cool. If you get your own fan club I want to be in it.

  10. And, yet, take note of SD's steady gaze and slight smirk - surely she's plotting revenge.

  11. Oh yeah. That's a look that says "Mom, you owe me for ths one"...

  12. Now I'm thinkin'.... Nancy is so famous, I need her autograph...

    Dann in Ohio

  13. Now y'all are just teasing me. Famous, I'm not, nor do I have any desire to be. It's SD's autograph you're going to be wanting.

  14. Sigh... I have YET to actually meet Larry in meat space. You're one up on me!