Monday, April 2, 2012

Sweet Daughter guest blogs

On noon on Saturday, I finished another 18th century girls gown for Sweet Daughter's best friend. Her birthday party was at 2:00. Finished in plenty of time!

I looked at SD and said "Do you know what I'm sewing tomorrow?"

She looked at me expectantly and said "What, Mama?"


And so, on that note, I'm letting SD guest blog with a creative writing assignment she had in class. The assignment (1st grade) was to write 3 or more sentences about a leprechaun. Here it is, complete with creative spelling.

Once upon a time there was a leprechaun. He was very quite.* Once I saw him under a bush. I asked him for his gold he said to look under Scottland. I took an airplane to Scottland. I dug up Scottland and found no gold. The sneeky leprchaun tricked me. I dup up the whole Earth but I found no gold. So finaly I caut that leperchaun. He said his gold was not on Earth it was on Jupiter!** He burried his gold in Jupiter's red spot! I'll never find it I can't bleve you burried the gold in JUPITER! He said "OK! OK! OK! I will go get the gold. I'll be back in 100 days." "If you don't bring it to me I will crush you! Now GO!" So the leprechaun went to Jupiter. But all he brought me was the big red spot. I said I would crush him if he did not put the red spot back and get the gold! He said his friends would help the leprerchaun dig up Jupiter. He found the gold and I got the gold!

* quiet
** I thought this would have been a great opportunity to substitute Uranus, but I really don't want to contemplate a red spot on Uranus.


  1. She writes well, and spells better than a lot of HS graduates! At least she's consistant!!! :-)

  2. Dear SD,

    When I was a little girl, my daddy (who was from Ireland, where fairies and all sorts of magic things live) taught me how to get a leprechaun's gold. Once you catch a leprechaun, hold on tight! Tell the leprechaun that you will set him free only if he gives you his gold. But don't let go and don't even look away because leprechauns are very tricky.

    I hope this helps you in your leprechaun adventures!

  3. Dear SD, what did you do with the Red Spot? Sounds like to me you might have another Story ready to go!

  4. Now tell her to write a story about the Aes Dana!