Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet Daughter (ahem) cooks

At MTA Sweet Daughter watched our cook prepare this amazing salmagundi.

I know, I know. Navel oranges hadn't been developed yet.
Later that day, she decided to make her own "salad". She took the redware pan we'd make the venison pasty in (with bit of crust still attached) and asked for contributions. There was a heel of cabbage, and a leftover carrot and parsnip. I pulled some onion slices out of the fire (a.k.a. trash pit) and the cook donated the top of a leek. There are a few red potato slices as well.

For the finishing touch, she added grapes. She then wanted it placed over the fire. Our cook graciously indulged her, and added water.

Chock full o' vitamins!

After a while, it was taken from the fire and allowed to cool. I was then asked to sample it. Uh ... I thought this was all "pretend", hence the vegetables salvaged from the fire pit.

"Try it, Mama!"
I tried to distract and redirect, to deflect, to otherwise figure out a way I could weasel out with my honor intact. It was impossible to even try. What self-respecting mom could say "no" to this?? Not I. So knowing the history of the grapes (washed before being added to the melange), I chose to impale myself on that particular sword, figuring that the whole thing had been heated pretty thoroughly, and I wasn't likely to die from a few grapes. Well, I'm typing this so I can affirm that I did not die, or even get ill, but those were some interesting grapes. They were still hot and completely infused with the flavor of onion. With a hint of venison.

For the event at Petersburg next month, I'm planning ahead. There will be kid-friendly food to prepare and if I have anything to do with it, grapes and onions never the twain shall meet.


  1. Well I ate some of the grapes, and "I" thought they were pretty darn good. So there.......

  2. Mike,

    In your eyes, she can do nothing wrong. She could serve litterbox findings on a Triscuit and you'd think it was great. *grin*

  3. Oops... :-) Good plan for the next time! :-)

  4. "grapes and onions never the twain shall meet"


  5. Yum!
    It's the touch of venison that does it!

  6. How could anybody deny her generosity?

  7. Grapes, infused with onion and venison? Ferment those and you'll have wine most of us would kill something with a musket over.

    Your daughter should be proud. As should you.

  8. I can't stop laughing! Having had to eat a few kid creations, I definitely have a picture in my mind of your face as you "savored" her creation. Good job mom!

    From loyal lurker