Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good day

I found a copy of this engraving at a local antique store today. It turns out that Paul Revere plagiarized it, and that the original artist, Henry Pelham, was not amused.

And I just finished a pint of Bellhaven Wee Heavy Scottish Ale. Shorter Half brought it home after one of his WWII events, and wow. I have a new favorite brew.


  1. Ah, Belhaven - I had some of that sitting by the water on the Isle of Skye waiting for the ferry to take me back to the mainland. *le sigh*

    What a cool engraving-- are you going to frame it?

  2. Yes, I'm going to get it framed, once I decide where it's going to go. I probably should have called it a reproduction instead of a copy (blame the Wee Heavy!). It's about 14" x 18", but it was done on really nice laid paper.

    Ahhh ... Skye. I haven't made it to the islands yet. Sterling, Inverness, Glasgow, etc. but not the north end. Ye.

  3. Yet, not Ye. And I can't blame it on the ale tonight.